In a time of neither here nor there Rebekah and her brothers travel to town to purchase supplies for their family’s inn.
They are each also given a single coin to spend as they wish.
Rebekah inadvertently buys a book; a diary and innocently unleashes havoc on all she has ever known and loved.
The evil, power- hungry Ara-Quan has come through the mysterious Great Forest into Rebekah’s world and will stop at nothing to get the diary.
In a race against time Rebekah must decipher the diary, learn how to survive and save the world she once knew.
Can the strange wolf and the elfin creature Aechibus be trusted?
Ultimately, she must cross paths with Ara-Quan, but will she survive?

Order: $18.95

Hungry Mr Croc terrorises the other river creatures!

But lately, every time he is about to pounce on his next meal, an awful noise interrupts….

( In verse, for children to enjoy!)

Order: $17.95

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