Loulou Szal is a wife, narrator, mother of two and an inspiring author of historical romance, fantasy and children’s books. She also is a school teacher specializing in English and medieval history. She is fluent in both English and Arabic.

She is currently a narrator for Hugo winning podcast StarShipSofa. Her narration credits  so far include Robin Hobb, Cat Rambo, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Karen Lord. She lives in Sydney, Australia and reads far too many books.


3 Responses to About

  1. loulouszal says:

    Hi, welcome to my new web page up and running today!!!
    I’d like to introduce myself…..I am the author of the two books in the photographs.
    The first one, “The Diary of Arnmore” is a fantasy novel for teens.
    It’s set in medieval times and is told as a narrative by the girl, Rebekah. She comes across an old handwritten diary in a bookshop and buys it. Her life will never be the same again!
    She must enter a fantastical world that is fast encroaching upon her own, from the other side of the Great Forest.
    Can she decipher the riddles and poems in time to save her siblings and can she beat the power hungry Ara-Quan to the finish line to save her own life?
    Will the wolf and the elfin-like Aechibus help or hinder her?
    Read on and find out!!!,

    The second book is the cleverly illustrated (not by me!) 32 page book for children, ” Hungry Mr Croc”, which is proving popular!
    Told in verse it’ the story of Mr Croc who is always about to pounce on his next meal until he is interrupted by a sound that helps to change his eating habits!! Read on and laugh!

    I’ll be doing a book signing for both books this Saturday, March 2nd from 11 am till 4 pm at Dymocks, Bondi Junction!
    Books can also be ordered by going to the PayPal button,

    Come and say hello. Will keep you posted,
    Loulou Szal

    • Marco says:

      We really enjoyed “Hungry Mr. Croc” here in Austria, it’s a great book, easy to follow but still surprising while the words used certainly broaden children’s vocabularies. It reminded me of Dr. Seuss and maybe there’s finally someone who can follow this fellow 😉

      Thanks for shipping it to Europe and please keep up the good work!

  2. loulouszal says:

    Thanks Marco for the lovely mail. I am so glad you enjoyed Mr Croc, he proved very popular at the book signing here in Sydney at Dymocks, Bondi.
    Thanks too for the favourable comparison to the great Dr Suess, I love his books and recommend them to anyone who loves humour and rhyme, no matter what their age!!
    Nice to know your book order got through to the beautiful country of Austria…. are the hills really alive with the sound of music there?????????
    Thanks again and regards,

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