What I’m Reading now….

I want to mention that I’m currently reading these three great books..
1, ‘CATCH ME IF YOU CAN’ by Frank Abagnale. Yes, the same guy they made the movie about, starring Tom Hanks and Leo DiCaprio.
The book is just as entertaining and it’s easy to read. You can’t help but like the boy Frank, who tells his adventures honestly and openly, making no excuses for his misdemeanors. He has a simple philosophy for how he was able to masquerade as an airline pilot and a doctor for years [even getting paid sometimes]. He says the world was a simpler place back in the 1960’s and 70’s. Far more trusting and security was not the major concern that is it today.
As the book states..It is ‘the amazing, true story of the most extraordinary liar in the history of fun and profit.’
Even Frank’s reply to a lovely lady who asked him who he was…”Anyone I want to be.” sums him up perfectly.
Told in a light-hearted and candid manner, I highly recommend it.
The next book I’m reading at the same time, because there are so many gooooood books out there, it’s hard to read one at at time, is…..
2. THE ‘ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG’ by Muriel Barbery [and translated from the original French text].
Not as easy to read and follow, but written beautifully. Barbery writes as though painting meticulous details on a canvas. It’s really enjoyable to read for the simple fact that I want to see how she constructs each sentence. Always musical, always touching and humorous at the same time.
This book needs time and patience to read through, because you have to absorb the word pictures the author creates and see them in your head. It’s a wonderful journey.
3. ‘BAD ENGLISH – A HISTORY OF LINGUISTIC AGGRAVATION’ by Ammon Shea….I thought I knew a lot about ‘bad grammar’, tuns out.. not enough. The author has read the whole OED: the Oxford English Dictionary!
I have NOT done that, [though years ago I read the whole Collins English Gem POCKET Dictionary}.
Ammon Shea takes common, everyday words we would never ‘look’ twice at and he traces their original, earliest uses and then gives us the facts….
eg.. chapter two; ‘Words That Are Not Words.’ like…’stupider’, ‘balding’, ‘irregardless’.
chapter four…’Sins of Grammar.’like ‘different than.’ or’ that/which’
Explained clearly and with a sense of humour, the author takes us on a linguistic journey that makes [me] wish I had time to absorb it all and then pass on the linguistic gems to other worthy language adherents!
Till next time…..


About loulouszal

Hi, I have always loved stories, from Dr Suess to Enid Blyton, to Roald Dahl, as a child and on to Jane Austen as a teen and adult. I love writing stories and poems too. I think writing and reading fantasy is a great way to travel, in your head and visit places you might never otherwise see. they can be as wonderful as you want to make them. I kept writing as a hobby all through my teen years and then as an adult, married with children ,I wrote stories for my family and read them out aloud as we traveled on long car trips in foreign countries. "The Diary of Arnmore" is one of these stories, followed closely by "Hungry Mr Croc." Two very different stories, aimed at completely different age groups, but both definately worth a read!
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