A word from Alexander McCall Smith……

I recently read the details of an interview with this gentleman who wrote the number one best seller. “The No 1. Ladies’ Detective Agency”..
He said; “I see the richness of language is being weakened…People use very shallow functional language when they should be using something richer, something which takes them further, which expands their inner world.”
I couldn’t agree more, perfectly expressed..
McCall Smith also gave an example..”Take a construction such as ‘I was like’. Now that actually really is an extraordinarily lazy expression. It represents a shorthand expression for “I responded,” “I thought this happened,” or “I wondered,” or “I said to myself” or “He said”,
Sentences today are more and more impoverishing….”swearing.. it gets out of control”
How refreshing to read something so basic true.
Let’s take a lesson from this well spoken, well written man and try keep the beauty of language in its upper echelons, where it belongs.
You can’t go wrong..


About loulouszal

Hi, I have always loved stories, from Dr Suess to Enid Blyton, to Roald Dahl, as a child and on to Jane Austen as a teen and adult. I love writing stories and poems too. I think writing and reading fantasy is a great way to travel, in your head and visit places you might never otherwise see. they can be as wonderful as you want to make them. I kept writing as a hobby all through my teen years and then as an adult, married with children ,I wrote stories for my family and read them out aloud as we traveled on long car trips in foreign countries. "The Diary of Arnmore" is one of these stories, followed closely by "Hungry Mr Croc." Two very different stories, aimed at completely different age groups, but both definately worth a read!
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