Reading with little kids.

IMG_8409Hi everyone,

A short post today, as I just wanted to share this beautiful photograph…it was sent to me by someone who got a copy of my illustrated verse book. “HUNGRY MR CROC’.

It seems that part of this cute little boy’s bed time habit is to go to have a story read to him. {I’m glad it’s mine.}

Thanks to mum and dad for sending it.

What it shows too, is that this little boy has a great chance of being on his way to becoming a reader who enjoys books, because they are a part of his life.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Reading to kids is enjoyable, relaxing, communicative. It’s also a beautiful way to spend quality time with your family. It’s a quiet, precious time spent with children before they go off to sleep, where mum or dad or sibling can share some precious moments.

Take the books with you when you go for a drive too. Get them on your ipad/iphone. They make great travel companions and can be read over and over again.

Ofcourse, I’m a school teacher so reading is vitally important and the skill spills over into every other subject area, so don’t forget…..reading with little kids makes older kids who love to read and that’s worth the investment of time and energy, surely.




About loulouszal

Hi, I have always loved stories, from Dr Suess to Enid Blyton, to Roald Dahl, as a child and on to Jane Austen as a teen and adult. I love writing stories and poems too. I think writing and reading fantasy is a great way to travel, in your head and visit places you might never otherwise see. they can be as wonderful as you want to make them. I kept writing as a hobby all through my teen years and then as an adult, married with children ,I wrote stories for my family and read them out aloud as we traveled on long car trips in foreign countries. "The Diary of Arnmore" is one of these stories, followed closely by "Hungry Mr Croc." Two very different stories, aimed at completely different age groups, but both definately worth a read!
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